What is IoT (Internet of Things)? Most Simple Explanation

Internet of Things

In our daily life we all have must heard about Internet of Things or IOT but, many of us don’t know what it is and why are people talking so much about it.

Few things are self-explanatory, and luckily IoT, which is Internet of Things, stands in the same category.  
The term "the Internet of things" was coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble, later MIT's Auto-ID Center, in 1999.
Of all the technology revolution taking place in the world right now, Internet of Things is the biggest one.

Have you heard of machine talking to other machine?

So here we will try to understand what is Internet of Things. When machine interact with other machine over internet with the help of sensors which gathers data.

Over here machine can be any physical device, like home appliances, vehicles, train, mobile and every other thing which collect data using Sensors and store it in cloud and then interact with other device to perform the specified task.

IoT totally dependent on cloud based application, which interprets and transmit data coming from all the sensors. It allows you to remotely manage all physical devices over existing network infrastructure.

Yes, that’s a lot of imagination and the same goes with implementation.

Internet of Things Examples

  1. How would it be if you wake up in the morning at 5:oo AM and your  alarm clock notify your water heater to heat up water for shower.
  2. What if you are about to move on a bridge which is damaged, sensors attached to the bridge will notify your vehicle to stop or slow down.
  3. If there is fire at your place then smoke detector notify doors and windows, which will then open, and at the same time message will be sent to fire brigade with your location.
IoT reduces human intervention thereby increases efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.

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Below, you can see pictorial representation of IoT Ecosystem, where multiple devices are connected to cloud. Command or instruction is sent by user to IoT devices in an infrastructure and from there data is transferred to IoT company or platform where it is processed and notification is sent back to user.

Internet of Things Ecosystem
Internet of Things Ecosystem

Internet of Things will not only make your life easy but it is also a big life saver.
Latest data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show that while 20,000 people died in natural calamities across the country in 2014, human error claimed 3,16,828 lives. While majority of these people (about 1.7 lakh) died in traffic accidents, drowning killed close to 30,000 people to become the second biggest killer. Accidental fire took the third spot claiming about 20,000 lives.
If we can predict the things in advance and prepare ourselves for the same, a lot of life’s can be saved.

After reading so far, you must be getting one question in your mind.

Do we have IoT practical implementation in industry?

Yes, practical applications of IoT can be found in many industries today and it is still growing. Some of the industries are Agriculture, Smart Home, Healthcare, Energy and Transportation.

As advantages and disadvantages goes hand in hand, IoT has lot to offer but there are some security threats associated with it.

As there will be billions of devices connected to infrastructure and massive amount of data will be generated from these devices. Companies need to figure out a way to securely handle user’s personal information, which is of great importance.

Let’s hope we have more and more devices connected to IoT in couple of years.

So here we had a simple explanation which clearly defines what is Internet of Things. Let me know in the comment section which all devices you want to be connected to IoT and in what way.


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