What does '…' mean in a text message? Simple Explanation

What does "..." mean in a text message

"..." means ellipsis which  is formed of exactly 3 dots. Is is used to show an omission of words in a quote to shorten it without changing its meaning.

For example.

"After college I visited my friend, who lives a few blocks away, and then came home."

After using ellipsis

After college visited my friend … and then came home.

What does "..." mean in a text message

  1. I will say some people are habitual to end their statement with "..." (3 dots) and we wonder what exactly the person is referring to.
  2. So I will share different scenario where this pattern is used during text message. As this varies from person to person, I will try to cover all the possibilities where "..." is used in a text message.
  3. There are many applications or I must say social media platforms where 3 dots mean that the person is typing for a response.
  4. When we talk about text message "…" after the sentence means hesitation or feel awkward. It's like other person wants to maintain a conversation but he is struggling to find a reply.
  5. Sometimes it means that the person is upsed with you. If you reply to a person which he didn't liked, he can say "Okay...". Which means the person wants to talk but he didn't liked the reply over his message.
  6. In literature "..." are used to show a long period of time passing between two events. So the same context is used in text message where "..." is used to pause or slow down the pace of conversation.
  7. In most of the cases "..." means that the person wants to mention something which has not ended and its in continuation.
  8. Some people are too lazy to look for ? in their keypad. So they use 3 dots to ask a question.
  9. Most of the time when we want to share a story but don't want to copy paste the whole stuff, then we share only important details and replace other lines with "..." sign.

No we all know what does "..." mean in a text message. We also use other emotions in text message which I am sharing below.

%- ) Confused or merry

%-( Confused and unhappy

%-} Intoxicated

#:-) Smiling with a fur hat

%-6 Not very clever

&:-) Smiling with curls

(-: Smiling

(:-) Smiling with helmet

(:::X:::) Plaster / Elastoplast

******@* Cenitpede wearing a sombrero

*<|:o)> Santa Claus

/: - | Unamused, mildly cross

/\(00)/\ Spider

: - )… Drooling

:-7 Smirk

:-D Grinning

:-P Sticking tongue out

:' ) Happy and crying

: @ Shouting

:-# Razes

:( Sad, without nose

:'-( Crying

:-( Sad

:-( ) Shocked

:-(0) Shouting

:) Smiling without a nose

:-) Smiling

-:-) Punk

:-)= Smiling with a beard

:-)8 Smiling with bow tie

:-* Bitter

:-* Kiss

:-? Smoking a pipe

:-\ Sceptical

:^) Broken nose

:-{) With a moustache

:-{} Lip stick

:-| Determined

:-|/:-I No face/poker face

:-|| Angry

:-~) Having a cold

:’-( Crying

:’-D Crying with laughter

:-< Cheated

:-<> Surprised

:=) Two noses

:-0 hbtu

0-: Happy birthday to you

:-9 Salivating

:-c Unhappy

:-D Laugher

:-E Buck-toothed Vampire

:-o Appalled

:-O Wow

:-o zz Bored

:-v Talking

:-w Talking with two tongues

:-x Small Kiss

:-X Biggy sloppy kiss

:-X Not saying a word

;) Twinkle (Wink), without nose

;-) Twinkle (Wink)

@:-) Wearing a turban

@}--\-,--- A rose @WRK At work

[:-) Smiling with walkman

[:] A Robot

{:-) Toupee

{:-) Smiling with hair

|:-[|] Mick Jagger

|-I Sleeping

|-O Snoring

}:-( Toupee blowing in the wind

<:-| Monk / Nun

If you are eager to know what any of these emoticons mean, then please leave your message in comment section and I will come up with a simple explanation.

Happy Reading!

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