Off-Facebook Activity: Facebook is Tracking You With this New Feature

Off-Facebook Activity
Have you ever thought if Facebook is tracking your activity over internet? What we now know is even horrifying.

Are you aware of a new feature that Facebook added since 1st February 2020. According to this new feature which is your Off-Facebook Activity, Facebook will track what websites and applications you use even when you are not on Facebook.

Facebook has been monitoring and tracking what you do when you are offline and not on Facebook.

So if you are watching Tik Tok videos or booking flight or doing hotel reservations, Facebook has data of everything.

I suggest you to look now as you wont believe what they see.

Below are the steps with images. Please follow those steps one by one. I will show how to check this new feature and disable it on both the desktop and mobile application.

First I will show how to check and disable Off-Facebook Activity on Mobile.

1. Go to your home screen.

2. On the right-bttom you will see Menu option (3 lines), click on that.

3. After that scroll down in the menu options and at the end you will see Settings option. Select that and now will be on the settings page.

4. Now again scroll down and go to Your Facebook Information. Now select Off-Facebook Activity.

Off-Facebook Activity

5. Now click on manage your Facebook activity. You can see all the applications and websites that you have used in the past.

Off-Facebook Activity

6. Now to turn it off, go back to Your Off-Facebook Activity and select …More Options and then click on Mange Future Activity and then turn it off.

Off-Facebook Activity                                  Off-Facebook Activity

                                               Off-Facebook Activity

Now in the desktop version you have to follow below steps.

1. Go to your profile and in the drop-down select Settings.

Off-Facebook Activity

2. Now click on 3rd option from left which says Your Facebook Information.

Off-Facebook Activity

3. Now Click on Off-Facebook Activity. This will show all the applications and websites you have used, even when you were not logged-in to Facebook.

Off-Facebook Activity

4. Now to turn it off select Mange future activity and then turn it off.

So now we all have disabled Off-Facebook Activity option, which was tracking our search history. Share this information with your friends and spread awareness.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Really a vital information at such a critical staze. I hope no foreign counties are making use of prevailing situation.


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