First Coronavirus Patient in the World: WHO or China who is responsible?

coronavirus pandemic

The Wall Street journal confirmed, 57 Year old shriump seller in China’s Wuhan city as the first coronavirus patient in the world..

Coronavirus (COVID-19)first case found at Wet Market in China on 10th December. (Wet market is a place where meat, fish and such perishable goods are sold) .

Her name is Wei Guixian and she recovered from this disease in January after a month long treatment.

The Washington Post was the first to call Coronavirus as Chinese virus or Wuhan Virus. Later United States President Donald Trump also called  it as a Chinese virus because he believed that the information related this virus was suppressed by china. If exact information was shared by China in early stages then today's scenario would have be different.

Many people were against calling it as a Chinese virus because they believed it’s a racist term.

Did China Suppressed the Information?

Chinese doctor Li Wenliang was the first person to inform regarding this virus in December 2019.

China suppressed this information and later Li was also infected by this virus and he died.

                                            coronavirus pandemic

After this from December till March there were many activists and media houses who started questioning Chinese government on Coronavirus, but all such people were either detained or they disappeared.

After this we conclude that if Chinese government would have listened to Doctor Li Wenliang and have followed the preventive measures then today we wouldn't have to face this pandemic situation.

Where was WHO (World Health Organization) all this time?

Now the big question is where was WHO when china was busy in suppressing  this information when china identified its first coronavirus patient. It is WHO’s responsibility to taken immediate action when such activity is highlighted in any county.

When government is not working then its WHO should take initiative to get the right information.

Below image is of WHO Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Your question will be, why is he wearing a Chinese mask. Now we will come to that point which says,


                             coronavirus pandemic

On 12th January WHO tweeted and stated there is no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission in the novel Coronavirus outbreak. But Chinese authorities are investigating on the same.

coronavirus pandemic

Then on 14th January, WHO confirmed in its tweet that there is no human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus.

coronavirus pandemic

From these two tweets we could see WHO has not done any investigation from their side and are relying on information passed by Chinese authorities.

When there was first coronavirus patient in the world, Taiwan informed WHO in December 2019 and had asked to investigate as their could be possibility of human-to-human transmission but WHO only relied on China’s information.

This is to note that due to political conflict between China and Taiwan, WHO is always seen taking China’s side and have never answered any question on Taiwan’s issue.

China and WHO were so good in suppressing this information that even US president Donald Trump believed in their work and praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for successful operation.

coronavirus pandemic

Is China selling Faulty Kits and Masks?

Now when Coronavirus has spread all over the globe and countries are in need of health kits and masks, many countries have reported faulty masks and kits received from China.

coronavirus pandemic

Spain bought 6,40,000 testing kits from China but those kits failed to detect Coronavirus.

coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus testing kits sent to Philippines were faulty and only 40% kits found showing accurate result.

coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus testing kits sent to Czech Republic  were found very much inaccurate and 80% of the results were wrong.
coronavirus pandemic

This is not the end, testing kits sent in Turkey, Italy, Ukraine were found inaccurate and faulty.

coronavirus pandemic

More than 50% of the mask send in Netherlands were found defective.

12,000 testing kits and 3,00,000 masks were given to Pakistan but there is no information shared from their side if the kits or masks were faulty, as they are not in a state to go against China.

From all the above information it looks like China first suppressed the information and then he sent faulty kits and masks to affected countries.

Coronavirus is now declared pandemic but who is responsible for this, WHO or China? Why did china suppressed the information in December 2019.

Please let me know in comment section if Coronavirus is because of eating bat soup or its man made disaster which China has deliberately planned to make the condition worse.

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