Cyber Crime vs Cyber Security: All You Need to Know

Cyber Crime


Cyber Security is not merely a combination of two words giving reasonable connotation rather it is a definition comprehensibly illuminating logic towards alert and protection against Cyber Crime. Before moving forward let’s have a glance to the Cyber Crime and the ways it propels in today’s era.

“Harm done to an individual or a group by means of Computer or Internet comes under the purview of Cyber Crime”

We will try to understand cyber crime vs cyber security and how Cyber Crime encompasses a broad range of activities. Some of them are appended below.

1. Financial Fraud Crimes: Act performed to cause financial loss to a person or a group of person by means of unauthorized and illegal transaction from bank account/s.

2. Cyber Terrorism: Utilizing Cyber Space or Computer Network to commit any act of terrorism comes under the cognizance of Cyber Terrorism. This can be hacking, phishing, extending assistance by any means or any other deed causing threat to the nation and national interest.

3. Cyber Extortion: Seeking money against threat to Cyber-attack or eluding/cessation to Cyber-attack and to provide protection against such events in the future is called Cyber Extortion.

4. Cyber Harassment: Usage of Cyber network to communicate obscene, vulgar, lascivious talks/scenes or indecent language or make any suggestions or proposal of explicit nature of threat any immoral act comes under the preview of online harassment. It is also termed at Cyber Bullying. Cyber Bullying can also be interchange with Cyber Stalking as per occasions, nature and intentions of crimes.

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In addition to the aforesaid there has been various other activities leading to Cyber-crime and one among those and the most prominent one is Information Warfare. It is defined as collection of tactical and unauthorized information/data by illegal means involving computer network with criminal intentions of causing threat to individual or group or to the entire nation.

Cyber-crime is no way a stringent or dreadful peril. It can be deterred, detect, defeat and destroyed by our careful, sensible and vigilant approach in day to day work, in particular while dealing with IT assets. In addition below enumerated opinions may  be adhered, to refrain ourselves from falling prey to Cyber Offenders or Cyber Criminals and can also be marked as primary Self defence Technique against goons/ threats in this advancing world.

Data Security Facts
Data Security Facts

(a) By practicing certain simple and critical steps we can create our first line of defence against cyber intruders:

(i) Installing Firewall.
(ii) Installing Antivirus and Anti Spamware Software.
(iii) Creating Complex and secured password.
(iv) Check the security setting of the browser.

(b) Learn to Ignore:  Ignore any unwanted, unintended and undesirable mails, links or attachments sent via social media or on personal channels.

(c) Varied login details for varied websites: Always maintains an isolation to the primary Email Account from getting exposed by using it at mandatory situations only. In addition not to reuse its password at other places/sites, instead we should always refurbished new and complex password at every new websites or at every desirous places

(d) Learn to Block: Block unsolicited requests and advertisements from unknown or suspicious personnel on your personal window or at the social network site.

(e) Say NO to free WiFi: Free WiFi generates a severe chances of data transferred out from the system getting tracked by the Cyber Sniffeners view nil provisioning of data encryption security features with the WiFi hotspot.

(f) Security against Card Details: Try not to save your credit/debit card details at any website. If mandatory, then have a habit of placing details of those card/s that are seldom used and doesn’t link with primary bank account or heavy balance account.

(g) Ignore Pop-Ups:  Try and ignore unwanted pop-ups as it may contain malicious software which can cause breech into systems or to the entire network chain, if exists

(h) Independent smart phones for Mobile Banking/ Fund monitoring or Equivalent work: Do not use solo smart phone for exploiting Latest Mobile Apps, carrying out Internet surfing and to perform fund monitoring/transaction. Rather one must use independent Smart phone to perform any tasks dealing with finance preferably on mobile data. Though, by practicing such habit cannot ensure 100% protection against unpredictable deleterious happenings but can provide isolation to the data pertaining to banking from Hostile apps.

There could be probably numerous ways to generate a shield against Cyber Crime and many will appear subsequently with the advancement in technology. Though it is never advisable to be off track with the pace of growth but one should always be alert and vigilant against cyber threat and try not to get exposed to the world by obeying safety measures, failing to which one could fall prey to the concealed enemy/ies at once or repeatedly.

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