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Benefits of  Jogging

Formulation of habit pertaining to workout/exercise as an integral part of everyday routine may bless us with sound body, active-mind and a flourishing day. Considering the foregoing one should imbibe workout routine irrespective of age and gender. No matter whether one choose yoga over gym or vice versa but following a routine life giving workout as a primary status is crucial and paramount.

To unleash the benefits of jogging, it is imperative to state that everyday workout should commence with warm up accompanied with exhaustive/mild running/jogging to a minimum distance of 02 km. 

Making it as a basic routine and a platform to carryout any specific and desirous exercise/workout regime thereafter proved enormous beneficial for the self and some among them is appended below.

1. Shedding of Fat: With constant and planned diet, running helps is reduction of fat from ones body substantially. Workout boosts the appetite multi-fold thereby may lead to enhancement in consumption of meals which may subsequently lead to weight gain therefore requisite diet plan is mandatory to extract maximum benefits from everyday workout. Considering the thumb rule; 10 mins of run burns 100 calories subject to ones weight and intensity of run.

2. Strengthening of Muscles and Bones: Running being a weight bearing exercise, aids enormously in strengthening of muscles and bones. As the body has to work against gravity to propel self forward or in a desired direction of motion thereby making muscles and bones stronger with every inch of movement. Further, it helps to counter the issue like bone loss and provide shield against arthritis.

3. Longevity: Running for 10 min a day supplements the life span of a joggers by a minimum span of 06 years to that of non-joggers as stated by a study published in American Journal of Epidemiology. Therefore one must jog everyday to witness novel day with energetic sun rays for a long.

4. Mental Health:Numerous documents/studies narrates the benefits of running on the mental health of joggers. It not only makes us mentally fit to perform everyday tasks rather it also helps in railing individual with positive outlook and ample of self-confidence to accomplish any entrusted responsibility and achieving any given/desirous targets.

Continuing the aforesaid running/jogging carve out a fit personality from an individual. It helps enormously to make one fit and sheltered against long lasting and life threatening health issues like Blood Pressure, Stress, Arthritis, Overweight and so on. Therefore, one should always make an attempt to fix a schedule for everyday exercise in between their busy routine and also by splitting away from the convenience zone. To uncover the benefits of jogging, following steps may be followed to enhance running capability with proportional reduction in required time.

Day 1:
Mark a distance of approx. 2 km and note the time for competing.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5:
Complete the same distance and note the time each day.

Day 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:
Try to set the new timing from day 6 onwards and note the new time every day.

Day 11:
If ibid schedule achieved then have a rest for 24 hours.

Day 12:
Enhance the distance by 500 meters and repeat the above procedures entirely. Post accomplishing the 1st enhanced distance of 500 meters make subsequent enhancements and follow the same routine.

Judicious adherence to the aforesaid routine will help in enhancing stamina, strengthening of body and also bless us with long and healthy life with lots of jovial moments to cherish and ample of gladdened attainment. 

Contributor: Pankaj (www.teachanthem.com)
Mr. Pankaj is a neophiliac and health enthusiast. He holds Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication from R.T.M.N.U. Apart from his daily work routine, he invest his time in exploring the unexplored. Mr. Pankaj believes in exchange of ideas and is always eager to share what he knows.
You can connect with him on: pankajjha880@gmail.com
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